Happy International Women’s Day!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello beauties!!

I am so excited to be back and talk to you guys a little bit. It’s been a while since I did a chat post where I am not talking about products. If you have been following my blog since the beginning, or have read my very first few posts, you’ll know I started on here just chatting and sharing some personal stuff about my life. Since today is Wednesday and international women’s day, I thought it was fitting to share my Women Crush Wednesday with you all.

In today’s society I think our young girls are embracing this catty and petty idea that women cant or shouldn’t support each other. I’ve seen it on social media so many times and even me in the past fell for it. If another woman starts a blog  or starts a business, they receive so much hatred and negative feedback for no reason at all. Everything becomes such a competition that sometimes a lot of bright minds are afraid to step out of their box because of how negative our world is.  It is so discouraging when you go on social media and see just how much hateful comments women are saying about other women on a daily.

When I started my blog my fear was never how my Male audience would receive me, but my fear was always how other women would judge me. Til this day I am still scared to fully talk about my blog, to share it on social media. Because deep down I know someone out there (a woman) will be judging me. So today I thought it was fitting to dedicate this post and support some women who I think deserve it. I am embracing positivism this year, and this is one of the ways I feel I can use my voice to encourage other women to start supporting each other. It is our job to not only encourage but to show our younger generation to be catalysts of change in their family and communities.

FullSizeRender (6)


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youtube: Jest Jen

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youtube:  Kandidly Kate


Youtube: Chrysthye Pierre

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Blog: Haze of simplicity

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Blog:  Fashion Roulette

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I had to give a shout out to my little sister Taby who doesn’t have a blog, youtube or anything. But when I started this journey to gain mental freedom and to be healthier, she started on a diet which I followed with her. Sometimes when you embark on a journey its so much easier when you have a partner. My sister has helped me in so many ways with my weight loss and also dealing with my anxiety disorder.

To all my other friends and women out there who are working everyday to make this world a better place, you are loved. Your light will never dim because you are supporting someone else. God created each of us with different talents, creativity, and personalities. There is room for each of us on this earth and room for each of our lights to shine



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