The Influenster Burberry Voxbox

Hello Beauties!!!!!

I am back and I am super excited about this post. If you have been following my blog, then you know how much I  am a fan of Influenster. If you are new on here or never heard of Influenster before, then I am happy to tell you what it is. Influenster is basically a chance for you to get free makeup without having to sign up for a monthly subscription, or having to pay any money. All you simply do is sign up at, do product reviews, ask questions about products you want to try etc… Once you rack up points, you will get emails from them to complete a survey to qualify you for a voxbox, and that is it. Even if you are not into beauty products, influenster is still for you. you can do reviews on electronics, organic food, hair products, family, health and soooooo much more.

This month I was super excited about the box I received; This had to be by far the best box I’ve gotten from them. I received the Liquid Lip velvet Burberry voxbox which contained 2 liquid lipsticks, a lip liner and a glow stick.



These products are amazing. The lipsticks are super soft and creamy, and the best part is they are not drying at all. I put the deeper plum color on and I fell in love, and it is lasting. I love me a matte lips but I hate how drying a lot of these liquid lipsticks are, but the Burberry lip velvet feels so comfortable on the lips.


I have not tried the highlighting stick yet but I can already tell its going to be great. Guys if you have not done so yet go check out Influenster, you will not regret it. And if you want to try the Burberry Lip velvet lipstick, they are now available at Sephora. They are on the pricey side ($30) but they are so worth it so I would say at least try one of the colors they have.

Thank you guys for stopping by and sticking with me, you are greatly appreciated.





The Juvia’s Place Saharan Palette

Hello beauties!!!!

I am back with another product review. I am sorry I have been MIA, but with school and work it’s been quite difficult to really have some time to focus on the blog. I am back on track now, so expect more activities on here. Thank you for all those still sticking with me, you are greatly appreciated.

A few months ago my friend Paula ( who has a blog here) celebrated her birthday and since she’s into makeup I wanted to get her something beauty related. I wanted to get her a palette that was unique and different. I have heard of Juvia’s place before but never really paid much attention to them. So during my search for the prefect gift, I stumbled upon their website and fell in love with the colors from the Nubian II Palette and also the African theme behind their whole line. I got her the palette and decided to get the same one for myself, BUT they then came out with the Saharan palette which I HAD to get.



Look how beautiful this palette is!!!!! The packaging itself is absolutely beautiful, and I really love and appreciate the African meaning behind this palette.  I mean the colors are not only beautiful but so blend-able and creamy. I don’t know what formula they use to achieve the pigmentation, but this palette is absolutely worth the hype.


Left to right: Sokoto, Wodaabe, Bororo, Kia


Left to right: Zoya, Iman, Jamila, Senegal


Left to right: Chad, Katsina, Lulu, Fula

I HIGHLY recommend this palette to be part of your collection. This is now the most pigmented palette that I own.  And guys the price is unbeatable. This palette is only $28 on the Juvia’s website which is a great price compared to my ABH palette which retails for $42, and my Tarte palette which retails for$45.

If you guys have any other Juvia palette or this one, please comment down below and let me know how you like them.

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