Current Favorites!!!!!!

Hello beauties,

Hope 2017 is treating you all well so far. It’s been forever since I did a current favorites, so I thought I would share with you some of the products I am currently obsessing over.

  1.  I have been obsessed with the “Soap and Glory” Clean on me shower gel and the Righteous butter body moisturizer. These products smell so heavenly!! I went to my local walgreens a couple of months ago and bought the traveling size set and absolutely loved it, so I had to go back to get the full size. It leaves you body feeling so smooth, and smelling oh so good. The shower gel retails for $10 and the body butter $15. Absolutely obsessed.


2. So I got the Modern Renaissance palette for my birthday back in June and it was so pretty, I was literally afraid to even touch it, but over the past couple of months I have been using it and I am pretty impressed. This palette is the very first palette I have purchased from ABH, I was a bit skeptical because it is pricey ($42) and I did not want to not like it. The colors are so pigmented and buttery, it is a very great palette for day and evening looks. So easy to blend, it’s just amazing.


3. I have been obsessed with the Lena Lashes lemonade palette and the Lorac Tantanlizer highlighter. I am not a makeup expert, so I always find it hard to find highlighters that compliment my skin tone without leaving me feeling ashy. I have a ton of highlighters and the Balm Mary-Lou is the one that I had been using on a regular, until I got these two products. I got the lemonade palette on black Friday because the had a sale and it was only $10 (original price is $20), and I got the lorac one at ulta since it was travel size and it was only $8. These highlighters are the truth especially for WOC. Great pigmentation and the glow is unreal.


4. I am pretty basic when it comes to eyebrows because I have enough eyebrows not to have to fill them in, but I went to Ulta a couple of weeks ago and I wanted to try out the ABH Dipbrow pomade since I’ve heard so many great reviews about it. I have been using this thing ever since I purchased it because it does the job. I got it in the color chocolate which is a good match for my natural brows and it blends in so well. I love this stuff.


5. The last product I have been obsessed with is the Lime crime Velvetine in the color Bloodmoon. I had been eyeing this color since fall started, but I did  NOT want to spend $20 on it. Lime crime did have a black Friday sale, so I ended up getting it for $15 which was a steal for me. This color is absolutely gorgeous and so perfect for fall/Winter. It is a deep blood red color, goes on so smoothly, it is not drying and stays put for a long time. I wear this every occasion I get.


If any of you have any of these products, please comment and share with me how you liking them.



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