Hello beauties!!

Happy and prosperous 2017 to you all. I cannot believe how fast 2016 went, so much has happened and I am so elated. If you have been following and reading my blog, you know some of the struggles that I faced dealing with my anxiety disorder over the years. 2016 was the year I called “My restoration year”. I wanted to be healthier, I wanted mental freedom, I wanted to travel, I just wanted to step outside of my comfort zone and live a little.

I am truly grateful for God’s faithfulness towards me this past year. I spoke to him and told him the things I wanted to accomplish and do, and I wanted him to remove the fear and anxiety from me in order to accomplish those things. I was able to control my thoughts, which resulted in minimal panic attacks, minimal anxiety attacks; which allowed me to be able to breathe.

I traveled outside the country twice this year, I got off my blood pressure medication. Thanks to my sister, I started eating healthy and I lost a ton of weight. But my biggest accomplishment has to be this blog. I was so terrified to start it because I didn’t know how people would take me talking about my fears, but I am glad I did and so grateful for those who come on here and read my sappy story. It was an incredible year and I can say, VICTORY IS MY BLUEPRINT

I am looking forward to continuing this journey with you all and thank you for sticking by!


Outfit Detail:
Dress: Thrift Store


3 thoughts on “BluePrint

  1. I have to come thriving with you one day because everytime I love one of your pieces you say you get it from there 🙃LOL. Just want to remind you that you never know who you’re helping by sharing your stories.

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