La Rose D’or




Dress: Asos (sold out)  (here)
Shoes: Asos (here)
Coat: sears (similar) (here)

There is something about neutral colors that I have been capturing my attention this season. I have fallen in love with everything neutral tone this fall/winter. I was browsing the web a couple of weeks ago and saw these rose gold pumps that I absolutely fell in love with, thanks to my Uniday 20% off that day I got the shoes for a fairly descent price. This look was really centered around the shoes, which are absolutely stunning and very comfortable. I have worn this dress many times before, but I really appreciated it even more when I put the shoes on. The fur coat was purchased on clearance at sears for $7. 



I have been trying so hard to step out of my shell and embrace this life God has given me. As many of you know I suffer from an anxiety disorder which can really put a damper on my every day life. This is the best that I have felt in years and I am just trying to live life a little.


Thanks for stopping by!



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