Fall Lipstick Collection

Hello beauties!!!

I know a lot of you guys are so excited because fall is in, but I hate the weather change. I am from the Caribbean, I enjoy warm tropical weather. I really don’t get very excited once October starts creeping in. It gets dark way too early, and its so cold. I literally walked out of the office this afternoon perplexed because it was only 5 and it was dark already. However I absolutely love fall fashion, and fall makeup; I love the colors and the layering. So I wanted to share with you guys some of my favorite fall lippies at the moment. I have been rocking these colors and have been loving them. Some of them I have had since last year, and some of them are new to the family.  I tried to do swatches but the set up in my room did not allow for that to happen, but hopefully next time it’s different.


Left to right:  In My Fashion, Babes and Balls, Sin

  • In my fashion is this beautiful dark chocolate almost black color, It is absolutely gorgeous.  you are a woman of color, this lipstick will complement you so well.
  • Babes and balls literally had me at hello. It is a deep burgundy color, very similar to wet n wild Sugar plum fairy. Absolutely beautiful. (you can only get it online)
  • Sin is another gorgeous Mac lipstick for fall. It is described as a deep blue red, I think it is more of a brownish red. Another great color of WOC. Also similar to a wet n wild color, I believe its called Cherry bomb.

Top to Bottom: Limbo,  Hutch, Kae, Notion, Rooch, Beauty Mark

For my liquid lipstick lovers, go and get yourself all of these colors. Lol                                         I am not going to lie some of the colors look very similar, but yet so different. The picture is not doing them justice.

  • Limbo is a true brown color, very beautiful. I am seriously so in love, I wear it to work everyday.
  • Hutch is a described as a deep violet, it is an ultra satin lippie. Very beautiful
  • Kae  looks very similar to Limbo, but it goes on differently. Kae is more yellow than Limbo. Another great color for fall and WOC. I believe they are discontinuing the whole Karuche line, so if you like this one go ahead and grab it quick.
  • Notion is also very similar to Hutch, but they are different. Hutch is much deeper than Notion.
  • Rooch is another beautiful color from the Karuche line that I absolutely love for fall. I love that color so much I rocked it during the summer.
  • Beauty Mark is honestly my favorite nude lipstick in the entire world. If you are a woman of color and you need/want the best nude color, NYX created beauty mark especially for us. it is a beautiful brown color that is great for fall, summer, winter and everything else.


The last two lipsticks I wanted to share is the Milani Matte Fearless, and Black radiance matte in the color 5121.  Both colors are very similar, they are deep dark burgundy colors. I saw someone on Instagram rocking this beautiful color,  so I asked and she told me it was black radiance; The color is Absolutely gorgeous. I picked both lipsticks at my local Walmart.

I really hope you beauties are inspired to go and purchase a fall shade that you are absolutely in love with. Life is too short to rock boring lipsticks. Please comment down below and tell me what your favorite fall lippie is.

special s/o to my friend Paula for taking some of the pictures for this post                   (because I suck at taking pictures). she also has a blog she just started so click the link here and go show her some love.



The Morphe 350 Matte

Hello Beauties!!!!

I am back with another review. I want to apologize for being MIA, with school and work I have been super busy. I wanted to come on  quickly to do a review on the Morphe 350 Matte palette that I purchased a couple of weeks ago. This palette retails for $22.99 on the Morphe website and it is gorgeous. They also have the shimmer version for the same price, and if you like you can get them both together for only $43.99. I am not a big shimmer girl, so I opted for the matte one instead.



  • The colors are very pigmented. The color payoff is simply amazing
  • You cannot beat that price. Mac, MUG and ABH single shadows are about $12 a piece, so  $22.99 is a steal
  • Packaging is great for a palette that size. It’s easy to travel with and to store
  • I fell like you can do so many different looks with this one palette. There are great transition shades, great lid shades, and even for a smokey look.


  • I really don’t have anything bad to say about the palette except for the fact that a lot of the colors are very similar. I think some of the colors the palette could have done without.


I think if you are a beginner and you are looking for easy simple looks, this is a great palette to start with. you will find transition shades, lid shades. If you want to go for a smokey look you can do so with this palette, daytime looks as well. If you have this palette, please comment down below and tell me how you like it.




I stopped Breathing

Hello beauties,

Today I felt like chatting a little since I haven’t chatted with you all in a while. Recently  have been reflecting on life this last year and just how much progress I have made mentally and physically; I am just amazed. This time last year I was not in good place in my life and I was really down, I was so overwhelmed with everything.

It’s my little sister and I living home with our parents and after my father had his stroke, I became the go to person for everything. My parents’ English is limited so I had to file all the paper works for insurance, call for prescriptions, go to doctors appointments; you name it I was doing it. Not to say my little sister did not help, but being the oldest it was responsibility to take care of things. I was still finishing my last undergrad year, so I also had to focus on school, I was doing an internship and working at the same time.

I thought I was a super hero and that I had the ability to do it all, so I never took the time to breathe and take a break. I stopped breathing, I stopped living, I was just a prisoner in my own body. Even when my body felt tired, I was still making sure everyone was OK. After I graduated, They became even more dependent on me and I just took the load. My father was paralyzed, my mom got diagnosed with diabetes months after, so it was my responsibility to make sure everything was taken care of. Mind you this whole time I am battling anxiety and panic attacks on a daily. I was still having nightmares and not sleeping; I was just so tired.

I never forgot one day I was listening to the radio going home from work and the song Breathe came on. The lyrics said

Let your weary spirit rest. 

Lay down what’s good and find what’s best. 

Chaos calls but all you really need Is to just breathe.

I literally started crying in the car like a baby, because I realized I had stopped breathing. If I stopped breathing, it meant I stopped living. I looked at other people my age and they were all living the life God had blessed them with. Everyone was enjoying life and I had stopped breathing.

I know it gets hard sometimes and life gets overwhelming, and everything seems to be chaotic. Just remember to take a break and just breathe. This life God had given you is a blessing, and it would be a shame if you were not living it fully. Take a step back and just breathe!!!