Cover Fx Enhancer Drops Review



Hello it’s been such a long time, but I am back with another review. As mentioned in my last post, I was dealing with some personal issues, so I was not really in the mood to really post anything; However I am feeling much better and ready to be more proactive.

I celebrated my birthday in June and one of the items on my wishlist was the new Cover Fx enhancer drops. Thankfully one of my friends actually purchased it for me, and I was super excited to try this. This product retails for $42, you can find it at sephora or the Cover Fx website.  we all know during the summer months we wanna glow, so I was really interested in seeing how this product works.

I am in love with this. I own about 6 highlighters and I love them all, but prior to getting this products I did not own a liquid highlighter. I got mine in the color Candlelight which is a Golden Bronze color. I usually mix it with my foundation to give me a dewey glowy look, then use it as a highlighter to finish off. 1 drop goes a long way when mixing it with your foundation, if you add more than one drop you’re going to look like the Tin man.  This stuff is the real deal. It makes my skin look like the glory of God is shinning on it. It gives me a natural glow and I am absolutely in love!!!

However do I think it is worth the price? No. Not because the product is not great, but because for a 0.5 FL bottle it is too expensive. I know Cover Fx is more on the high end side and their products are great, but $42 for this bottle to me is a bit much.  If you are a beginner I would say there are many other great products out there that are less expensive, but if you are a makeup junkie like myself and can afford this; go ahead and get it.

Overall this is a great product, it does the job. I have been using it every time I am dong my face this summer. I am going on vacation again next month and I plan on glowing like a Goddess with this on. Lol I was not too happy about the price, but I am happy with the product itself. If you have this product, comment down below and let me know how its working our for you.



2 thoughts on “Cover Fx Enhancer Drops Review

  1. lovin the honesty! “$42 for 0.5 fl oz” pshhhh

    * 🙃 i would still get it though; had i possessed the funds that would allow me to do so lol*


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