Milani 2 in 1 Foundation Review


I was really on the fence about getting this foundation, simply because I have so many foundations. I have really oily skin and I have bought so many foundations trying to find one that will suit my skin, but I have not been able to really find one to does the job. I also saw a bunch of reviews on YouTube where people are not pleased with this foundation, so I was skeptical about getting it. Nonetheless I decided to buy it just to see how well it would be on my skin and cover my dark spots. 

So far I am really loving the foundation!! It is not a matte foundation so like mentioned before I was not expecting to last me all day, but it does a great job at concealing. I got it in the color Golden Toffe since its summer time, but during the winter I believe I am in the shade before Golden Toffee.  I usually have to conceal my under eye prior to applying my foundation, but with this foundation I found that to be unnecessary. It actually does the job that it says its supposed to do. I have worn it about 3 times already and it’s great and holds up pretty nicely. it is lightweight which is what I also love about it, didn’t feel like I was wearing a ton of makeup.


This is how the foundation looks on my skin 

If you already have a foundation that is holy grail to you and doing its job, its not necessary to go out and get this one; but if you are a beauty junkie like myself and want to try something new I say go for it. I picked mine up at my local Walmart for $8.99, I believe you can also find it at Walgreens, CVS and the Milani website. If you have already tried this foundation or plan on trying it, comment below and let me know how it works out for you.




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