My SoChoix Box


Recently I was on Youtube and I stumble upon this gem called SoChoix. Sochoix is a company similar to Ipsy, where you get a subscription box every month with beauty products. Now the difference between the two companies and the reason why I love Sochoix , is because with Sochoix  Offers luxury brand makeup. Like Dior, Gucci, Givenchy etc… Also with SoChoix you get sample sizes, which to me isn’t bad.  A lot of times we want to try a product first before actually going in and buy a full size and its difficult to do so in department stores or other makeup stores. 

If you subscribe to Sochoix you actually get the pick the samples that you receive in your box; Each month you get up to 5 samples of your choice. Another great thing about Sochoix is if you don’t want to subscribe and you want to try some of the products they, you can do so. I wanted to try out their products before going ahead and subscribing for the monthly box, so I order 4 samples and they were $5 each. It’s honestly not bad at all considering the products they carry are super expensive, so $5 per sample is fair. I also believe on their website it says if you do subscribe, you’re also able to purchase full size products on their websites, but there is a limit on how many you can buy each month.



This is what my box looks like

I love the packaging a lot, it’s slick sample and well put together. When you open your box, at the top it tells you the products you bought. One thing that was very important to me is how neat and clean the products came. Because the products are being transferred from their original containers, I was afraid it might look messy and not clean. However the products came nicely packaged, you can tell they took their time really making sure everything was safe. Also They give you a generous amount for the price.

The products that I purchased, are products I’ve been dying to try but were too expensive for me to actually get. A lot of times we spend money buying a product and end up not liking it, so I wanted to try them first before actually getting a full size. Below I’m going to list the products I bought.


I am super excited to try these out and let you guys knows, how they work. Here is their website, check it out!!!

P.S: Thank you so much to everyone who has liked and started following this page. I am so overwhelmed with gratitude. This is something I started doing as a healing process for my anxiety and depression. I honestly was so scared to really be this transparent to total strangers. I truly appreciate that you have been reading and liking the posts. Thank you!!


Milani 2 in 1 Foundation Review


I was really on the fence about getting this foundation, simply because I have so many foundations. I have really oily skin and I have bought so many foundations trying to find one that will suit my skin, but I have not been able to really find one to does the job. I also saw a bunch of reviews on YouTube where people are not pleased with this foundation, so I was skeptical about getting it. Nonetheless I decided to buy it just to see how well it would be on my skin and cover my dark spots. 

So far I am really loving the foundation!! It is not a matte foundation so like mentioned before I was not expecting to last me all day, but it does a great job at concealing. I got it in the color Golden Toffe since its summer time, but during the winter I believe I am in the shade before Golden Toffee.  I usually have to conceal my under eye prior to applying my foundation, but with this foundation I found that to be unnecessary. It actually does the job that it says its supposed to do. I have worn it about 3 times already and it’s great and holds up pretty nicely. it is lightweight which is what I also love about it, didn’t feel like I was wearing a ton of makeup.


This is how the foundation looks on my skin 

If you already have a foundation that is holy grail to you and doing its job, its not necessary to go out and get this one; but if you are a beauty junkie like myself and want to try something new I say go for it. I picked mine up at my local Walmart for $8.99, I believe you can also find it at Walgreens, CVS and the Milani website. If you have already tried this foundation or plan on trying it, comment below and let me know how it works out for you.



My Estee Edit Voxbox


Soooooooooooo I was super excited when I got an email from Influenster that I was getting the Estee Edit voxbox. For those of you who do not know about Estee Edit, it is by Estee Lauder; it’s a suppose to be a brand geared towards younger beauties who aren’t afraid to take a risk. I was really excited because I assumed since the brand is associated with Estee Lauder, It would have some amazing products

FullSizeRender (1)

In my Voxbox, I received a Pore vanishing stick, an Illuminator, a lipstick and the Beam Team Hydrate+Glow.


  • The Pore vanishing stick claims to help with the appearance of pores. I don’t really have visible pores on my face like many do, but around my lip area my pores are a bit more visible. So I’m excited to try this out and see how it works.


  • The Flash Illuminator is supposed to give you that natural glow. Lately the trend has been the glowy and illuminated looks, so I’m excited try this out. The color is too light to mix with foundation but I’m going to try it on and see how it works.


  • The Beam Team Hydrate+Glow is a moisturizer and an illuminator at the same time. it hydrates the skin then gives your cheek a natural glow.


  • The Barest Lip Color is honestly the most beautiful lip nude color I personally have seen. I tried it on my lips and it is super moisturizing. The color is a beautiful nude/brown color. Perfect for any skin tone

Guys if you have not done so you need to check Influenster out. It’s honestly so easy to get these Voxboxes on a regular. If you are a makeup junkie like myself and want to win free products, sign up for influenster and enjoy the perks. I am going to do a review for these products once I use them and let you know how they work.




My Birthday

On June 30th I celebrated my 26th birthday, and I was so excited about my birthday this year simply because it’s been a tough last couple of years for me. Dealing with my health issues, not having the right job; I feel like this year was the first birthday in a while where I felt like me again.  I wanted to celebrated my birthday differently, I wanted to capture my day by taking professional pictures. I wanted to be able to look back at the photos years from now and remember just how happy and healthy I was.


My friend Jonathan who is a photographer took me to Dumbo. If you are from NY, I am sure you know where dumbo is; it’s a beautiful location near the Brooklyn bridge. I had such an awesome time taking pictures and capturing the moments. I think this was the first time in 26 years I felt the most confident. I didn’t care who was looking, I was just feeling myself. It was also easy to be me since a friend was taking the pictures.


Looking back at the last 3 years and seeing just where God has brought me really had me in tears. ( I don’t think Jonathan noticed the tears). As a christian you read so many stories in the Bible of how God always turns things around for his children, and you don’t really understand it until you experience it for yourself. God has been so good to me and my family during some of the hardest years of our lives and I am so grateful so his everlasting love. This was indeed the best birthday I’ve had in years.


If you guys are in the NJ/NY/PA area and looking for a photographer, you need to check out my friend Jonathan’s work. He is talented and amazing. I will leave his info and also my look’s detail below. Hope you guys are inspired by my pictures to go out and capture the moments that are dearest to you.


Photography: Dexterity Productions

Dress: Lulu’s (sold out)

Shoes: Steve madden (similar here)

Hair: Her Hair Company