May Favorites!!!!!

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Hey loves!!! Just wanted to come and share with you all some of the products I have been loving these days.

  1. The first product I wanna talk about is the Plain Jane beauty cream mineral Foundation.  As mentioned in previous posts, I am trying to live a healthier lifestyle. I am trying to take care of my body, my mind and also my skin.  Although I don’t wear makeup on a daily, I still wanted to start using products that contained healthier ingredients for my skin. After doing a lot of research I stumbled upon this cosmetic company. They are an organic makeup company hat carries organic skin care and makeup products. I was able to purchase sample sizes of the foundation before getting the full size. This stuff is AMAZING!!!! It feels like you are wearing absolutely nothing on your face. It is so creamy and goes on so smooth. it is long lasting and gives you a natural finish. I love that fact that you’re able to get samples before actually ordering the full size bottle (retails for $36).  I f you are looking for an organic foundation brand, this is for you.
  2.  The other product I have been loving lately is the balm Cosmetics Meet matt(e) Trimony Palette. I have been dying to get my hands on this palette but was not trying to spend $42 on it. About a month ago The Balm had a flash sale 50%  and I had to grab this palette. Ever since I got this palette I have been gravitating towards it more than my other palettes. I recently I went on vacation and this was my go to palette. The pigmentation on this is amazing. These colors go on like butter and blend beautifully. I am so glad I caught that sale.
  3. The next item is another one from the Balm cosmetics. It is the Mary-Lou Manizer highlighter.  I own a lot of other highlighters but I think for right now this one is my absolute favorite. It compliments my chocolate skin so well. Being a woman of color a lot of highlighter look ashy on me, but this one just sits so right on my face. It gives me that perfect glow and I love it. I wish I had a camera that could show just how popping this highlighter is. I also got it during the flash sale for about $12 but it retails for $24.
  4. I am a lipstick whore. I own so many lipstick its crazy. I am not a makeup artist nor do I have skills about makeup BUT I love myself some lipsticks. I also love a good bargain and colourpop does it for me with their price.  you really cannot beat $6 for lipsticks. I have most of the colors in their matte liquid lipsticks and their satin finish lipsticks, so I was excited to try their matte X lippies that just came out. If you have not tried these products you need to get on your computers and other some of these lippies. They go on so smooth  you would not believe they were matte lipsticks. And when they say long lasting, they are not lying. These things will stay on your lips all day without rubbing off. I am so in love with these they are now my go to for summer.





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