Best Tea to relax


As mentioned in my previous post, I suffered from severe anxiety and panic attacks following a pretty traumatic experience in my life. When I started looking for natural ways to deal with my stress and anxiety, I read a post about drinking tea to calm your nerves. I am from the Caribbean so we are big on herbal tea and natural healing. I was looking around for the perfect tea to help with my anxiety and stress level. I went to my local shop rite and Walmart and bought so many different  brands to see which one would help the best.

I had never heard of the yogi brand before, but I found it at Walmart and decided to give it a try. Let me tell you, this tea is amazing. I started drinking a cup in the morning and one before bed; within days I started to feel relaxed and more energized. What it does is that it relaxes your mind, it makes you feel at ease. I usually would feel stressed and anxious from the moment I wake up, so in the morning having a cup helped to relax my mind before work. I had tried a lot of other brands before this one and they did not truly help the way that I wanted them to, but the yogi brand did it for me. I would really recommend it for anyone feeling a bit stressed and overwhelmed. It is not going to permanently take away your stress and anxiety, but it will definitely help your day go by smoother.

Hope this helps someone out there dealing with the same.



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