Influenster Voxbox


Couple of months ago I was watching a YouTube video about this website called influenster. I was super curious as to what it was about so I went on. Basically its a website where you review products, answer people’s questions about certain products and get a chance to win amazing products each month. About 3 months ago I received my first voxbox which contained pretty amazing goodies from suave, Epson salt, snacks etc..

This month’s voxbox was pretty cool. I received the #queencollection voxbox from cover girl. I got a mascara, liquid foundation, and a lipstick. I was pretty impressed by the colors and quality of the products. I am trying to be more cautious about the products I put on my face, so I’ve been gearing toward more of the high end products; however this cover girl collection is pretty good. I am a woman of color so I support any company that is actually catering to our melanin.

you should definitely  check out influenster!!


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